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The ALB Team

Horizontal Directional Drilling is a very demanding industry regarding safety, quality and cost control.
With its high dynamics of interactions and a number of activities performed simultaneously at each site, a proper team work needs to be implemented to achieve a goal.
That is why, at any place in the world, whatever activity we do, we are always a team builders. 

We bring efficient solutions without "cutting corners".  

With over 25 years of proofed experience in HDD industry we are a strong support to consult, design, navigate, drill and finally pull your next underground pipeline - onshore, nearshore or offshore. 

Power of experience

ALB is a European service provider specialised in a wide range of drilling services, assets management and training for the Trenchless Technology industries, mainly in Maxi Horizontal Directional Drilling.
 Established and managed by HDD industry professionals, ALB has the adequate technical understanding of contractor’s needs. 


From the late '90s, we have been growing together with the industry, improving knowledge and skills.

Now, after two decades in business, knowing most of its risks and threats, we have become one of strongest and multitasking support teams in the industry.

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Our services range from design through supervision and performance management to a wide scope of dedicated engineering services on site.

Engineering, Design and Cost Control

At the very beginning of works on a new project, our Task Team sets goals necessary for the implementation of construction stages at site. Design and engineering can involve all aspects related with future activities during drilling with no difference whether ALB will be engaged in working on the final construction stage or not.

We provide the following general services:

•   Feasibility, concept studies
•   Assessment of solutions and verification of variants
•   Preparation of detailed design and calculations
•   Commercial assistance
•   Subcontractor selection and supervision



Professional Services on site

ALB offers wide range of engineering services at any stage of a drilling process.
Depending on client’s needs, our drilling engineering team can undertake partial or complete drilling works in fo
llowing ranges:

•    Guidance, survey services
•    Mud engineering
•    Senior driller's services, including drilling training
•    HDD technicians



Project Management & Supervision

Field supervisors play a major role in every Trenchless Technology  project. They are the frontline managers on the job, directly supervising foremen, workers and subcontractors. They need management skills in planning, estimating, safety supervision and scheduling -  in general: problem solving. But still most important skill is managing people. ALB Supervisors have all of the skills listed.


Dedicated Products - Solutions Provider

We have great supply abilities to ogranize a wide range of equipment and products nessesary for Trenchless Techniques.

For a significant period of time, we have walked in the contractor's shoes, that is why we have full understanding of most of the contractor's needs.

It does not matter at which stage of a supply chain you need support, we can carry you through all of the stages without unnecessary costs and specification errors.

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